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  1. Tenvis IP391W meta-page

    Recently I purchased a Tenvis IP391W-HD camera.

    I would be unlikely to recommend it. The price is certainly right and the picture quality is quite good. The Android and iPhone apps do work to watch the stream live.

    However, the interface is terrible and almost useless without Internet Explorer. There ...

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  2. Skipping pages with django.core.paginator

    Here's a little snippet for compressing the length of long Django pagination by just showing context around the currently selected page. What I wanted was the first few and last few pages always selectable with some context pages around the currently selected page; e.g.

    Example of skip markers in paginator

    If that's what ...

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  3. Running cloud images locally

    Fedora and Ubuntu both provide compact cloud images that are useful for spinning up small VM's quickly (much quicker than installing from a huge ISO or even net-install).

    Both these pages have single-click buttons to simply launch the VM's at Amazon, which is very cool. However, you may ...

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  4. Stuck keyboard with Fedora 17 under VirtualBox

    For a while now I've been plagued with this ridiculous problem of the keyboard becoming "stuck" in my Fedora 17 VM running under VirtualBox. Keys would stop working until you held them down for several seconds, making typing close to impossible.

    Of course my first thought was to blame ...

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  5. Debugging puppetmaster with Foreman

    This is a little note for anyone trying to get some debugging out of the puppetmaster when deploying with Foreman.

    The trick, much as it is, is that Foreman is running puppet via Apache; so if you're trying to start a puppet master daemon outside that it won't ...

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