IE, YUI and rendering

If you're using the Yahoo! UI Library and Internet Explorer (particularly IE7) and it randomly bails out with "operation aborted", chances are you are calling some object's render method before IE has had a chance to build the DOM (of course, every other browser seems to work fine). More annoyingly, this seems to be a race condition, so you might not always catch it.

Google suggests many things, but the only sure-fire solution appears to be waiting until the load event before trying to call render. Unfortunately, none of the sample code does this.

So, for example, to render a menu bar you would firstly create a function within your private namespace to do it, e.g.

// create a new namespace

// create a function in our namespace to render the menu bar
YAHOO.mynamespace.onMenuBarAvailable = function() {
  var oMenuBar = new YAHOO.widget.MenuBar("render-to-this-div", { width:"100%"});

Then register this to be run on load, e.g.

// Initialize and render the menu bar when it is available in the DOM
YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, "load",  YAHOO.mynamespace.onMenuBarAvailable);

This means your menu bar, if written with ul,li elements might flash up as a list before it is re-drawn as the menu-bar you expect; but this is better than the browser crashing.