I think I've just about finished my Thanksgiving project easygeotag.info.


I'm a little bit obsessive about geotagging my photos and while I know there are many photo management solutions out there that can do it in various ways, I generally find it quicker and easier to use exiv2 and simple shell scripts to embed the location info directly into my files.

I've tried a number of things that have never worked out better than simply using Google Maps and panning around to find locations — I even bought a GPS tracker which would supposedly automatically tag my photos; assuming of course it could ever get a GPS lock, it hadn't run out of batteries and corrupted its filesystem, you had all times in sync and could figure out the various timezone issues, daylight savings changes, etc etc. I always feel safer having all my metadata embedded in the actual files just incase Yahoo ever does a del.icio.us to Flickr (I use a little Python script with IPTC bindings for comments, which I then backup similarly obsessively locally and to Amazon S3).

The site is fairly simple in concept — it allows you to search for locations, easily extract the geotag info and provides the ability to save frequently used locations for easy reference.

Mostly it was an exercise for me to implement something after reading the excellent Javascript patterns with YUI3, Google App Engine and OpenID — all of which of which I managed to cram in.

Although the audience may be limited (maybe just to me :) I hope someone else finds it useful for managaing their memories! If you think this might be useful and would like the output in some other format, just let me know.