Making the Philips DVDR77 Region Free

The Philips DVDR77 is a DVD+RW recorder with an inbuilt PCMICA media reader, which due to apparent obsolence can be found quite cheap. To make it region free the easiest way is to use a Palm Pilot

  1. Download OmniRemote (the download version is a 15 day free trial).
  2. You need to send code RC6 (Codeset 4, Key 235) to the DVD. OmniPhilips955.pdb is an OmniRemote database with a big button to send this code.
  3. From the system menu of the DVD, select the 5th item and change the remote control type to DVD Player.
  4. Use OmniRemote to send the code to the DVD. It should now be showing dashes (- - - - - -). I had to press the button a few times before it seemed to register.
  5. has the procedure to enter the region free code from here. Enter 121212005255 and then PLAY.
  6. Reset the DVD remote type.

There is also a firmware upgrade (direct link).