Converting DICOM images, part 2

In a previous post I discussed converting medical images. I tried again today and hit another issue which could do with some google help.

If you see the following:

$ dcm2pnm --all-frames input.dcm
E: can't change to unencapsulated representation for pixel data
E: can't determine 'PhotometricInterpretation' of decompressed image
E: can't decompress frame 0: Illegal call, perhaps wrong parameters
E: can't convert input pixel data, probably unsupported compression
F: Invalid DICOM image

and dcmdump reports somewhere:

# Dicom-Data-Set
# Used TransferSyntax: JPEG Baseline

Try the ``dcmj2pnm`` program, rather than dcm2pnm. The man page does mention this, but that assumes that you know you have a JPEG encoded image :) It works the same, can extract multiple frames and can be converted to a movie as discussed in the previous post. Easy when you know how!