Jazz Piano Comping for the Beginning Jazz Improvisor

Jazz Piano Comping for the Beginning Jazz Improvisor - Tom Anderson

I got this book on Amazon.com because I wanted to learn more about how to comp chords, thinking it might give me more of a harmonic framework when soloing.

It's not quite what I wanted ... I think I missed the "beginning jazz improvisor" and thought it was "beginning jazz piano comper". I'm no expert but I know my way around the basics; it starts right at the beginning and goes through chord theory, starting with majors and moving on to sevenths etc. At the end of each chapter is a written out song with voicings of mainly the type of chord the previous chapter talked about (I think they've done the same thing as the Jerry Coker "Improvising Jazz" book where the changes are for common songs but the title and written melody is different to avoid copyright).

That said, if I can find more time to learn the voicings in the chapters and make my way through the book it will be useful. If you do actually fit the title, it's probably to a bad, cheap buy.