Blog format update

7 years, 8 months, 17 days, 22 hours and 25 minutes ago I wrote the first post for this blog, inspired by a talk by Andrew Tridgell at 2004 on the value of a personal "junkcode" repository. I know this because I've recently gone through considerable effort to change the format of the blog and keeping the timestamps in sync was one challenge.

I've now updated to use Pelican, massaged all the old posts into reStructuredText, done a fair bit of HTML and CSS hacking and hopefully redirected all the old URLs to the correct place. Old comments didn't make the cut, but there wasn't much value there and I'm happy to outsouce to Disqus.

How things have changed! As I was writing the CSS to round the corners of some elements, I remembered back to cribbing from Slashdot HTML to do the same thing -- except in those days you used a table with blank elements in each corner with 4 different rounded-corner gif files!

Yet I'm still writing in emacs, so some things will forever remain the same I guess.