about my blog

Welcome to my blog. This is something I've wanted to setup for almost exactly a year now as a part of a "junkcode" repository that Andrew Tridgell talked about at linux.conf.au 2004. Seeing as I've just registered for lca2005 hopefully I'll be able to keep my notes from the interesting talks in here. so this is where I hope to keep ideas that don't fit into a .c file. I decided to call the blog technovelty because I wanted a name for some reason, and so the first thing I obviously did was type in "random word generator" to google. The first link that pops up lets you type in a few letters and using Markov chains makes sort-of words. I put in "tech" and a word that popped up was very like "technovelty" which subsequent google searches showed wasn't too popular a term. I couldn't belive that technovelty.org wasn't taken; there are some similar names that are parked on and I think someone must have made a typo and wanted to squat on technovelty.org but got something else. so we'll see how i go.