Converting an American propane appliance to Australian gas bottles

Here's something I just spent too much time figuring out...

If you have an Australian "gas" or "LPG bottle"; the type you'd pick-up at any "service" or "petrol" station in Australia, it has a female POL connector. I'm not sure what POL stands for; possibly related to some company who made connectors long ago and it became standard.

If you have an American "propane" device such as a grill, turkey fryer or smoker, or indeed something that plugs into a "propane bottle" you would pick-up at a "gas station" -- it will have a "Type 1", "ACME", "ACME Type 1", "QCC", "QCC1" or "QCC Type 1" connector (each seems to be an interchangeable term for the other). The appliance side of this has a big (usually black) plastic nut that is apparently safer or something.

Once you have figured this out, you can buy something like the "Grillpro Model 11051 Universal Fit Propane Tank Adapter" and I can attest, based upon empirical evidence, that things will "just work". Of course your other choice might be just to replace the regulator, hoses, etc.; however if everything seems super-glued together the adapter is much easier.

In other empirical evidence you won't find anywhere else on the internet : the Vizio M3D550KD LCD television works just fine on 240V, despite not being rated for it on the back.